Post Twenty Nine: A more-than interesting non-exchange

This is a paraphrased account of an email exchange over the last three, except the actual quotes indicated.

PR: Do you want to speak to our expert? He has a survey to tell you about!

ME: I have never heard of your client. Who are they? Why should my readers care? And will the expert say anything other than ‘This survey shows how important our products are?’

PR: So you are not interested.

ME: I sent questions! I was brought up to think that questions are a leading indicator of interest. I suppose this means there are no good answers to my questions that could convince me to do this interview.

PR: Not at all. Just didn’t think you interested enough to warrant the effort 🙂 [This line, amazingly, is a quote, even the smiley]

But here – have their boilerplate by way of explanation about who they are and a press release. Let me know if you have any other questions

ME: Nothing.

So there you have it. An interaction in which my questions were not answered because a PR person did not want to make the effort to educate me on the basis of a less-than-enthusiastic initial response.

And there I was thinking that education was a part of PR’s role.

I wonder how that will get written up in the monthly report?

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