Post Twenty-Seven: Wii’s diisappoiintiing miissed browser opportuniity

We have a Wii and it is great.

The setup process is surely a case study in giving the consumer the easiest, most confidence-inducing experience imaginable.

Even the WLAN setup is fantastic. There’s an option to detect Wii’s MAC address and the information I needed to learn than Googled really well.

Only one letdown so far: the web browser.

The problem is that TV resolution cannot cope with the width of web pages, so the smaller version Wii renders is all but illegible.

Zoom in and you lose part of the page and end up in scrolly-scrolly hell.

Which is a real shame and a missed opportunity.

We have long wished for a ‘kitchen PC’ to stream music, check mail … just do the odd bit of browsing in the main family space without the need for a full computer with all its noise and size or dependence on cables and cords and battteries.

We hoped the Wii could fill that gap.

But it won’t with that browser.

Perhaps Nintendo can improve it and make a new download available?

Oh and Wii Cricket too, please!

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