Post Twenty One: The format is broken

The format of press events is soooooooooo broken.

You show up at 12:45 and nothing happens until 1:15. Then you are supposed to take notes over your plate of food and hear the speaker right even through the cutlery and crockery are clanking.

The venue can never get the courses delivered right according to the run sheet for the event so speakers are interrupted by wait-staff.

By the time the whole thing wraps up at 2:45 and you get back to the office, you’ve spent 3 hours consuming 30 minutes of content.

And this from technology companies claiming knowledge to make people more effective.

I know this sounds churlish to be responding to hospitality this way, but surely there is someone in PR creative enough to find a faster, smarter way to get this stuff done.


One thought on “Post Twenty One: The format is broken

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