Post Thirteen: The man who invented electricity (and expanded my mind in ways few vendors have ever done before)

I heard the man who invented electricity speak today.

It’s not a complete exaggeration: he’s been on IEEE standards committees so long his email address is powerman at ieee dot org (take that you dirty spambots)

He told wonderful stories of how to earth a data center. His preferred method? Connect it to your skyscraper’s steel frame.

There was so, so much more, too. Like cooling towers and their uses. Or how to use subterranean water to cool your data center. And the importance of hot and cold corridors in a data center.

In short, one of the most illuminating days I’ve spent in the company of a vendor for yonks.

That could be because I knew SFA about this stuff before I went and could not revert to my usual tactic of contrasting comparable ideas to test the validity of new information (take note, PRs).

Or it could just be because electricity and data center cooling are actually … pardon the joke … quite hot!


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