Post One: In which we explore whether or not professional communicators are worthy of the name

What is it with PRs and phones?

You’d think that instead of being seduced by email’s speed they would have realised that the phone is about a million times more nuanced than a slab of text on a screen.

Never mind that the arguments in the text are often puerile (and who the hell reads 800 word e-mails anyway?), the interactivity is actually way below what can be achieved in a 30 second call.

And let’s not even get started on people who try to start digital relationships with you before any kind of human contact. Don’t they understand they are adopting the same random anonymity tactics as direct mail or telemarketing, two of the most despised marketing tactics in the world?

Then there’s the knowledge gap: people who pay PRs would gag if they knew how often their consultants know south of SFA about their company and product.

Then there’s the inability to answer a question, which often goes like this:

ME: What can this person tell me in an interview?

PR: He’s terribly important.


So are these so-called professional communicators worthy of the name?

You tell me.


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