Post Eleven: Request for information

One of the things this blog is for is to tell PR people and folks I know what I am working on.

This is the first such post.

I’m looking for creative uses of mobile phones that anyone (think your mum) might be interested in.

They might and up in a magazine.

Can’t tell you which one just yet. It’s a bit secret.


Post Ten: An expression of relief, disappointment and sadness

Man … am I tired. Have been keeping so many balls in the air all day. Best of all, it seems they are still up there.

Google Developer Day was fun and an interesting lesson in expectation management.

Google is cool in ways older, meaner companies are not.

But they still don’t have the guts or inclination to do more than lock people in a room and force them to watch slides.

Maybe that’s just the most efficient way to do things.

Or maybe even Google can’t quite re-invent events.

Speaking of re-invention,  during the event I got a really disturbing tweet from a friend who may be rather ill. It was an odd way to get the news and I hope he gets well real fast.

Post Four: On keyboards

I am typng thi on a keyboard in an office i visit occsaionally.

The compute is very different to my own. The keyboard, radcally so.

\It makes me thinkg we have a keyboard threshhold. I can tpe accuratey on the two r three keyboards I use most.

But on strange keyboards my typing dalls apart.

are our brins wired this way or am i just unco?

Post Three: In which we wonder about social networks

I am now a member of Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Technorati.

When will someone start to aggregate them all?

More to the point, what are they for?

I already have the email address of everyone I know in Facebook. A week after we got over the novelty of all being members, our level of interactivity returned to the pre-Facebook near-zero.

I’ve been LinkedIn for ages. Nothing’s ever come of it.

What else should I be using these things for?